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Breast pain can be one of the earliest signs of pregnancy, or, more precisely, breast pain is usually unavoidable and one of the most normal occurrences during the first trimester, which is why it should not be a reason for too much a concern. Here, in the following sections, some of the factors that lead to the breast pain during pregnancy will be described and explained. Fibrocystic changes in the breast are one of the most significant causes of the breast pain during the pregnancy, because there are very small cysts which are located in the breast, and during this period they start swelling which is also causing the pain. Another factor is hormonal imbalance, because the level of various hormones, especially the estrogen, in every pregnant woman’s body changes, which also results in the breast pain. Leaky breast is also one of the symptoms that can occur and cause the breast pain. It starts in the second or the third trimester of pregnancy and it happens exactly then because the mother’s breasts start producing fluid which is called colostrum. Colostrum provides the nourishment for the newborns in the first days of their lives. A very effective cure to this issue is the use of the nursing pad.

During pregnancy, a body of a woman changes preparing itself for a baby. Therefore, since the main function of the breast is to feed a baby, the breasts start growing and this will also cause the pain. This is why it is highly recommended for the pregnant women to start wearing the supporting bras when this begins to happen, and the bras should be larger than those that they used to wear before.

Breast pain can be alleviated by certain measures. Pregnant women are advised not to avoid wearing bras. What’s more? They are even advised to wear two or three of them if necessary. In addition, they should cut or reduce salt in their meals, because the salt holds the water and worsen the breast pain. Painkillers can also be helpful in reducing breast pain, but only after consulting with the gynecologist. Tylenol is usually prescribed in most of the cases. Yoga and meditation can help as well, in a sense that they can relax the body and help with tolerating the pain.

Breast pain is perfectly natural in pregnancy and it is a part of the same. Without any doubt, it can cause some discomfort but apart from that, it is an entirely natural process in every pregnant woman\'s body. Still, in order to rule out any possible complications, every pregnant woman should visit or consult her GP.

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