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Tender breasts

Tender breasts are one of the most common conditions in women. Every woman experiences it at some stage in life. This condition typically starts with the beginning of puberty and may last until the beginning of menopause. Tender breasts usually occur infrequently, although there are cases when it appears every day, which can be very problematic for daily activities and everyday life. When a woman suffers from tender breasts, she usually experiences heaviness in the breast, which is accompanied by swelling and a feeling of soreness, particularly in the areola area. These symptoms become slightly intense when the breasts are touched or pressed.

Causes of tender breasts

Tenderness in the breasts in women may be caused due to various reasons. In the majority of cases, it is not a serious condition and does not require medical attention, except in the cases when a cyst or a tumor causes severe tenderness and pain in the breasts. In most cases, soreness in the breasts is among the main symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. The tender breasts, as well as sore nipples, appear because of the water retention in the tissues of the breasts. When the ovulation is finished, water accumulates in the breast and stretches certain tissues, which further makes pressure on the unstretched tissues causing soreness and, in some cases, mild pain. Soreness in the breast may be felt even duringmenstruation.

Tender breasts after menstruation may appear in women who take contraceptive pills. This happens because the hormone estrogen is overloaded. This estrogen dominance causes tenderness in the breasts. Elevated levels of estrogen may cause tenderness in breasts in pre-menopause stage, which is called perimenopause. It is considered that caffeine, as well as colas, may cause or even aggravate this condition. Tenderness in the breasts usually appears in the first trimester of pregnancy since the levels of progesterone and estrogen are elevated during this period. The breasts prepare themselves for breastfeeding and because of that they even become heavier and mild discomfort may be present all the time. Furthermore, soreness in the breast may occur due to inappropriate size of a bra.

Sclerosing adenosis is a condition that may also be responsible for the occurrence of tenderness in the breasts. This condition is marked by the abnormal growth of extra tissues in the milk ducts and breast nodules. Soreness in breasts also appears due to the breast cancer. Furthermore, this condition may be induced by the consummation of certain medication, such as steroids, anti-inflammatory medicines and hormone replacement medicines.

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