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Joint pain can be caused by injury affecting any of the ligaments,cartilage, and bones surrounding the joint. It could also be caused byarthritis (joint inflammation), infection, or tumor of the joint. Medical termfor this type of pain is arthralgia.

Symptoms of the arthralgia may be different from one person to another. Somemight feel stiffness and pain during cold and wet weather. Even the amount ofpain may vary, from moderate cases in which patients feel better once theystarted to walk, to severe condition, when pain is crippling the patient.

Possible causes of this condition are osteoarthritis or an autoimmunecondition, called rheumatoid arthritis.

Homeopathic Remedies for Joint Pain

Most common homeopathic remedies are arnica, bryonia and rhus toxicodendron.Some other homeopathic preparations might also be used to treat joint pains,like rutam, apis or ledum.


This homeopathic remedy is made of bee venom and used in severe cases ofjoint pain. It helps to ease the swelling, redness and burning or stingingsensation. Patients suffering from this type of arthralgia can’t stand the heator warm, but cold compresses usually help.


Arnica proves helpful in cases when joint pain is caused by an injury.Usually, patients lift something heavy or make a sudden movement of the bodyand after that experience pain. This remedy is also helping in cases whenresting seems to help relieving the joint pain.


Remedy is meant for those suffering from sharp pains from any movement atall. Those patients want to be left alone and are usually miserable andgrouchy. Complete rest, especially lying, on the side of the injury is helpfulfor them.

Rhus Toxicodendron

This is advisable to use in painful joints that get better when movingaround, and for pain in the joints caused by bad weather. These patients feelbetter after hot bath.


Another remedy for patients with joint paint intolerable to heat is ledum.Sometimes, patients experience the pain move, between the foot, knee and hip.Cold bath and cold wraps relieve the pain.


In cases of arthralgia that don’t respond to Rhus tox homeopathicspecialists use ruta. It could ease the pain and stiffness, and is proven to beparticularly helpful when the pain is caused by strain. Most patients usingruta feel that the pain gets more tolerable by moving and warming up theaffected joint.

You might use homeopathic remedies on your own, but it is best to consult atrained homeopath about your condition.

Some types of food have negative effects to your joint pain and you shouldtry to avoid them. These include: high protein foods, especially red meat,tomatoes, potatoes, peppers and eggplant. Avoid coffee and alcohol, becausethey, too, may worsen your condition.

Use more raw food: fruits and vegetables (specialists advise alfa-alfa andwheat grass) and cold-pressed oils.

It is recommended to exercise regularly and take enough of rest whennecessary. 10 minutes a day of exposure to the sunshine will increase theamount of vitamin D and be helpful to ease your joint pain.

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