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For women, it is vital to follow a good body sculpturingprogram. Body sculpting program implies exercises for building muscle and fatloss exercises. Since the muscles weigh more than fat, one can notice that shegained weight while her body sculpture is getting better shape.

You can stimulate muscle growth only by doing resistance orstrength training. Training should be well planned and balanced, since it isvery important to train with proper intensity.

Common Mistakes

Usually, when one starts to train, he/she will make a commonmistake when trying to stimulate muscle growth.

No 1 – Over Strain Yourself

Adding weight or doing extra repetition will not result inmuscle gain. You will gain muscles only if you use your whole weight andwith progressive overload. That means that you should add a weight or do a fewrepetitions more only once a month or so.

No 2 – Avoiding Compound Exercises

It is important not to avoid compound exercises. These aremultiple exercises that are exhausting, but they are necessary if you want tobuild muscles and burn fat. Multiple exercises are as important as isolationexercises. One example for this kind of exercises is the squat, because thisexercise includes many muscles in our body, such as quadriceps, hamstrings, gluts,core and lower back.

No 3 - Working Out Without a Program

Well balanced program and discipline is essential if youwant a sculptured body. You cannot work randomly, from time to time, when youfeel like training. Only with the properly scheduled program you will get desired results.

No 4 – Expecting Immediate Results

Many people give up too soon because they feel that theireffort is in vain. When sculpturing the body, you need to be patient. Firstresults of hard body sculpturing exercises should be seen in 6 to 8 weeks.

No 5 – Not Enough Rest

This can delay the muscle growth instead of stimulating it. Whenexercising, you break down your muscle fibers, and they need to be rebuilt. Themuscle doesn’t repair and build itself while exercising– it is rebuilt betweenexercises when you rest and sleep. Furthermore, you need to eat adequateamounts of protein rich food, since proteins help repair the muscle fibers.

For building muscles, you should exercise no more than threetimes a week. Training should last for 45 minutes, and you should exercise no morethan three sets per muscle group. One set should have 4 to 8 repetitions.

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