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In this text, we will talk about one treatment method for ringworm and it is bleach. The problem we are focusing on is fungal infection, and it is considered very common and targets the skin of a human. The problem in question creates lesions that have a pattern that resembles a ring. These skin lesions can be bald, but they are always red and itchy. The problem can be present on any area of the body and ringworms may be hard to eliminate from these locations. One of the methods used for their treatment is bleach and some state that it is a very efficient method. We will see how ringworm can be treated with the help from bleach.

Using Bleach

The first thing to be careful about is the use of bleach. You should use those that have no sodium hydroxide and this is very important since it is not very skin friendly. Use a swab or cotton ball and dab some bleach and then place is on the lesion. Just patting the lesion is needed and remember not to rub the bleach in, since this can cause irritation, which will make the blisters bur and spread the infection. Know that this process may sting a bit and throw away the swab once you are done. Also, bleach cannot be used on sensitive areas, such as eye region, scalp or mucous membranes. This treatment needs to last from 4 to 7 days and this makes the spot dry and promotes healing, but the lesion will need more time to disappear.

Is Bleach Safe?

This treatment method is considered a myth by some, and it is a fact that it cannot eliminate the problem completely. Not everyone believes this method to be efficient, since there are so many other treatment methods available. Also, some suggest that the use of bleach can be toxic since it can create a different reaction on different skin. Skin differs from people to people, especially the sensitivity of the skin, and this creates the problem of a reaction with the bleach. It can open the wound by opening the ringworm blisters due to a chemical burn, which can be very painful. Professionals state that the use of bleach can lead to chemical burn, which can create a much bigger problem. But there are also other people who state that bleach has eliminated their problem, with some side effects like itching. Problem with the use of bleach is the destruction of the cells located in the skin's surface, which is caused by the bleach. This may be a problem for most people, so we advise you to go and see a doctor if you are having a ringworm problem. You do not need to take chance with a bleach and maybe cause stinging and pain associated with chemical burns.

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