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Ringworm is a fungal skin infection caused by accumulation of fungi that inhabit the surface layer of skin and hair. Reproduction of these fungi is induced with moist and warm atmosphere which is the main cause of developing this infection in the groin and other skin folds.

Ringworm infection is transmitted from person to person or in a small number of cases by direct contact with infected pet.

Ringworm is manifested as annular rash, usually characterized by redness and itching.

Fungal infection of the groin is better known as Jock itch, which is more common in men. This infection can be spread on the inside of the thighs and buttocks.

Ringworm of hand is manifested as a thickened, dry and peeling skin on the palms. In addition, between the fingers may appear open sores.

Ringworm reveals by taking samples of the affected parts of the skin and its analysis under the microscope.

When the existence of this infection is determined then access to its treatment. Ringworm is usually treated by anti-fungal creams that can be bought in pharmacies without a prescription. These creams includes clotrimazole and miconazole.

Before applying antifungal creams, it is necessary to wash and well dry infected spots. Then, it is necessary to apply antifungal cream directly on the rash. In case of severe rash accompanied by blistering, Burow's solution can be used providing great help in relieving and drying blisters. This solution can also be found in pharmacies in free sale.

When using antifungal cream it is necessary to comply with the instructions, which means respecting the length of therapy. Because, it may happen that the rash is withdrawn in a very short time, the patient ceases using the antifungal cream and that is why a rash may be returned in worse shape. If after 2-4 weeks of using this drug rash does not withdraw, it is necessary to contact doctor for help. In this case the doctor will most likely prescribe antifungal drugs for oral use.

A person infected with ringworm infection should take all necessary precautions to protect others from the spread of infection. Given that the ringworm infection spreads in humid and warm places (locker rooms, pools, collective showers) athletes are the most affected by this infection. Therefore, they should avoid sports activities and use of common objects until they cure the infection. Also, prevention of ringworm infection includes regularly maintenance of hygiene and maintaining the affected areas as drier as possible. It is necessary to avoid shared use of towels, clothes and items for personal hygiene. Underwear and clothes should be loose and mostly made of cotton and natural materials.

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