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Cold sores or fever blisters, as this problem is also well known, are actually skin lesions associated with a viral infections. The virus responsible for this problem is called Herpes simplex virus and its types 1 and 2 are found to be most likely causes of fever blisters.

Once infected with this virus, the human body remains infected for good, since there is no cure for this infection. In general, Herpes simplex virus does not cause serious problems, but fever blisters keep coming back every once in a while and they might affect different parts of the body as well.

Dealing with Initial Fever Blister Symptoms

Even though you cannot do anything to completely cure this problem, recognizing its symptoms in earliest stages may be helpful for prevention. Train yourself to notice tingling which precedes formation of fever blister and you might be on the right track to stop at least its further escalation or severity.

Some patients have reported that the development of fever blisters is in certain cases followed by increased heat at that particular spot on the body or face. Itching is also reported as associated symptom, so make sure to remember this if you have fever blister problems. Try not to scratch or rub the area, regardless the impulses you have, because you may transfer the virus to other parts of the body and get those infected too. If you cannot help yourself, use clean cotton swabs every time you need to scratch. Simply soak a cotton swab in some anti-bacterial solution and gently clean the itchy skin. Every time you need to scratch use a clean swab and you do not have to worry about transferring this viral infection.

Stop Fever Blisters with Food

Proper nutrition is considered to be one of the best home remedies against fever blisters. Consuming more alkaline food may help you to decrease the number and seriousness of fever blisters outbreaks and keep the virus in dormant (inactive) state, preventing fever blisters form emerging. Advocates for this method of prevention of cold sores advise using more alkaline foods in your diet. Herpes simplex virus is said to prefer more acidic environment in the body, so patients are advised to avoid all acidic foods in order to get better.

Things to avoid during or before formation of fever blisters include junk food, products which contain lots of sugar or saturated fats, high fat dairy food, mayonnaise and margarine products. Always try to keep your food as natural as possible and avoid eating anything that is too processed or contains preservatives if you want to get rid of fever blisters. Avoid or limit intake of caffeine, at the same time.

Natural food is good for people suffering from fever blisters, so use more food rich in fibers, low fat milk and dairy products, as well as low acidic juices and plenty of water. This way, you may prevent development of fever blisters or decrease its severity and also spend less money on medications for this unpleasant condition.

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