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Don’t be fooled by the name-ringworm, because it isn’t ringworm, it is a fungus. The fungus is a highly contagious and people can be affected by it. The name ringworm is because it leaves a mark on the skin that looks like a worm trail. The cats are usual habitat of ringworms. People often don’t even know that they have it, because their immune system fights against it, but, with cats, it is a completely different story. If their immune system isn’t strong enough they will start to loose hair and the ringworm fungus affects a big area of skin.

In order to fully understand ringworms, we must know that there are more types of this condition. One type presents ringworms that live under the scalp of humans and animals, then there is the type that grows on the skin, and a type that is found under the toenails and feet. The last type develops in humans only. The first sign of the existence of ringworm is a bump that becomes dry and crusty.

If you notice ringworm at an early beginning on your pet, it can be very easily treated with some fungicide. It is important that a fungicide contains Miconazole or Clotrimazole. The effective means is a shampoo, and the main thing is not to wash it from your pet. If you don’t know what to do, you can always take your pet to the vet.

Another solution might be home remedy for ringworms, since some of them have proved to be good and effective. The first suggested is, of course, the almighty apple cider vinegar, which you can use in two ways. The first way is to put some on each spot couple times per day for 7 days, and the second is to dilute it and rub it on your cat’s hair after bath. The oil from tea tree can also be dabbed on a spot caught by ringworm, couple times a day. It can be done in the same way with slices of raw papaya. There is a mixture of bleach, water, 6 parts to one part that can help your pat. The mixture is also used for dabbing the spots, but be careful because that may cause allergic reactions and is highly flammable. In the treatment of ringworms in cats, grapefruit seed extract and clear nail polish and garlic can also be used.

Thereby, if you want to protect yourself from ringworms, it is always better to buy a cat from closed cattery because the cats that are there don’t mix with cats from the outside, who are potential carriers if ringworms. It is also important to advise you that it is recommended to visit a veterinarian before trying any remedy on your own.

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