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One extremely transferable condition called ringwormwill be the theme of this text. This name is used among the common people, andthe condition is caused by certain fungus. The areas on human body which are mostaffected include nails, moist skin and scalp. As you can see, the condition isusually created on the last layers of the skin. We have mentioned that thiscondition is very easy to transfer, which is even truer in the cases ofchildren ringworm. Children can easily receive this fungus from unclean floorsfrom the gym or similar facilities in the schools, such as shower rooms andothers. These are the most common ways a children catch this fungaldisease. Be careful when you touch animals, since the fungus can be transmittedin this way, as well.


The disease develops in the following manner: scaly lesion will be visible first, and this location will itch and be red in color,and it will gradually increase and take circular shape. The ringworm will grow andeventually it will form the shape we all know. The infection grows from insideand because of this; the condition spreads in the stated manner. During time,it is possible for the ringworm to affect other locations on the skin. This is a very benign problem. Lesions will be removed and this will help the doctor tomake a proper diagnose. For diagnosis, ultraviolet light is used, since thefungus can be visible under this light. The next step will be finding theproper treatment. After the treatment, the problem usually disappears. But insome cases, chronic ringworm can be created, usually as a result of impropertreatment. This very persistent condition can be similar to the condition causedby tinea versicolo fungus, which results in certain skin discoloration. Theskin will become very dark. However, the test with ultraviolet light will givethe answer which condition is experienced. The condition previously stated willbe eliminated only if the fungus is removed and the affected location exposedto the sunlight. You can also use some cream with selenium sulfate for thiscondition. As for the remedies used for this condition, diluted or strong Perubalsam can be used. The treatment will last two to three weeks, during whichbalsam needs to be applied two or three times a day. The mix of goldenseal,burdock root and Echinacea needs to be used three times a day, during theperiod of ten days. This will make the immune system very strong. Remember thatthis remedy should not be used in children. They can use tea tree oil. Mix ofwater and ten drops of this oil needs to be applied to the affected area. Thiswill help with the rash.

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