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The truth of the matter is the majority of homemade remedies for ring worm just don’t work; however, this is still up for debate because there are some people out there that swear by their homemade recipes for ringworm. Don’t waste your time moving from one homemade remedy to other because you may find it becomes too late and the ring worm will have worked its way to your other body parts. Ringworm however is curable if you follow the correct medications but once you have had ringworm then the chances of the infection hitting you again and again are high.

Some Common Home Remedies for the Treatment of Ringworm

Tea Tree Oil is recommended by many for skin disorders of all kinds, it is put on the skin on the area that is infected, be careful though as it is not proven that is will actually execute the root of the ringworm infections called the fungi. Bleach is successful for the execution of fungi, however be aware it should not be put directly on the skin because It is carcinogenic, can cause lung damage and it can burn the skin and even cause allergic reactions. Lavender/Holy Basil/ Butea Seeds made into juices or pastes are known as a topical remedy however they will not one hundred percent kill the fungi infection. Sulphur is a common remedy because it helps alleviate the itching and the enlargement of the fungi. This remedy is also used on animals with the infection to prevent the passing on to people. Be careful when handling sulphur because it is a corrosive and can even make you go blind if you accidently get it in your eyes, so dilution is needed.Prevention of Ring Worm Infection

An easy method of prevention of catching this infection is don’t use other peoples products like their hairbrush and their towel. If you tend to sweat a lot then buy material and clothes that draw the sweat away from your skin and thus keep your body dry. Avoid walking bare footed in public places like showrooms, the gym and locker rooms, just put on a pair of sandals.Treatment of Ring Worm

As with all infections, the earlier you locate it the easier it will be to treat it. Ask your doctor about medications with Miconazole, Ketoconazole, and Tolnaftate in them as they have proven to be great at helping with the infection of ringworm. Dermisil is a very successful and secure natural treatment purposely made for ringworm.

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