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Bladder infection home treatment

When a person's bladder gets infected the best way to treat it is with the usage of medications prescribed by doctors. However, a person should know that there are several effective home treatments that can help with the problem.

Bladder infection is a problem that mostly affects women, especially women between the ages of 20 and 50. Another name for this problem is urinary tract infection or UTI and it is the inflammation of the bladder named interstitial cystitis. There is one bacteria called Escherichia coli and it is responsible for the infection in almost 80% of the cases. A good thing is to know the symptoms so this infection can be treated in its early stages. Some of the known symptoms of bladder infection are the inability to empty the bladder completely while urinating, a feeling of sharp pain during the process of urination, the need to urinate a lot and bladder spasm and nocturia. A person who feels pain in the lower abdomen and back is also likely to have a bladder infection. Even though it is rare, a person can also have some blood in the urine and the smell of it is pretty foul and unpleasant. Some other symptoms include fatigue and shakiness.Home remedies for bladder infection

The first and probably the easiest thing a person can do when his or her bladder gets infected is to drink a lot of water. When person drinks a lot of water he or she will need to urinate a lot and by doing that the bacteria will be flushed from the system.

Lots of people agree that cranberry juice is another excellent beverage to drink when having this problem. The acidity of the urine will be increased because of the hippuric acid in the juice. This will stop the bacteria from attaching themselves to the bladder and making a colony. A person should drink up to four glasses of this juice daily in order to help fight the symptoms.

Another good remedy is tea made from the leaves of the evergreen shrub. However, nowadays people use this supplement instead of tea more often. An important thing to know is to stop using the supplements once the person is free of the symptoms.

Increased intake of vitamin C is also advised in this situation as is aromatherapy. In case of aromatherapy a person should apply massage oil or a compress using sandalwood, chamomile, pine, tea tree and bergamot to the bladder. This should be done twice a day. When a person has bladder infection he or she should avoid drinking alcohol, coffee or carbonated drinks.

A person should remember to talk to a doctor before using any of the remedies.

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