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Kidney infection or pyelonephritis is usually caused by bacteria like Escherichia coli. This condition is more common among women, due to the anatomical position and the size of the female urethra. Most kidney infections affect only the kidneys, but sometimes the infection can spread to the blood and provoke other medical problems.

How to Recognize Pyelonephritis Symptoms

Sudden fever and chills, followed by the frequent urge to urinate can indicate that you are suffering from kidney infection. Many people feel burning and the pain during urination when affected by pyelonephritis, as well as unexplained tiredness. The area of the kidneys may also become very tender, and some of the patients may experience painful sensations, usually located in the lower back.

Kidney infections can be very serious medical conditions and as such, shouldn’t be taken lightly. Consult your doctor (nephrologist) and follow all recommended actions and medications. The commonly prescribed drugs are antibiotics and sulfa medications, but if you happen to be allergic to these drugs, ask for some other treatment.

Treat Pyelonephritis Naturally

Home remedies can also be very effective against kidney infections. Naturopaths recommend using plenty of water, cranberry and juniper juices and other food rich in vitamins A and C. Herbal remedies, essential oils and aromatherapy, as well as eating garlic are also highly appreciated in this situation.

Water is essential to flush the bacteria from your body, so make sure to drink more than usual amount of water when you have kidney infection. About 10 glasses of water per day is what your body needs at these times. Adding some baking soda to the water you drink may also provide some additional help for your kidneys. Cranberry juice (unsweetened) or cranberry in tablets can also help you create un-welcoming environment for harmful bacteria.

Any vegetable or fruit containing plenty of vitamins A and C will be beneficial for your health during the kidney infection, positively modulating your immune system and increasing the resilience against bacteria.

What they say about an apple a day, can also be translated as one pod of garlic per day for your kidneys, since it is believed that you need that much garlic to keep your kidneys healthy.

Alfalfa, buchu, burdock and cleavers are herbs advised as the treatment for kidney infections. Visiting the herbalist, you may also be recommended to use dandelion or couch grass for the same purpose.

Essential oils can help in many situations, including pyelonephritis. Use juniper, thyme, sandalwood or eucalyptus oils and add about 10 to 20 drops to the warm bath and you should experience some pain relief from kidney infection.

Heating pad is not exactly natural treatment, but many pyelonephritis patients felt much better after placing the device on their low abdomen, helping them relive the painful sensations.

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