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Bladder Infections in Children

Urinary tract infections and bladder infections are the samething. Urinary infection might be a serious condition in children. Theydon’t know how to notice the symptoms and even parents might miss them, aswell. It may cause kidney problems in childrenand become a life threatening event.

Girls tend be much more prone to bladder infections than boys. The possibleexplanation might be the short urethra in the girls, which causes the bacteria toinvade the bladder more easily.

Symptoms of bladder infections in babies may be hard to see. Babies are usually irritated, have fever and don’t have appetite. Sometimes. there isnausea, vomiting and smelly urine, which can indicate bladder infectiosn, especially ifthere is no cough or runny nose. If you notice any of these symptoms in yourbaby, you should take him/her to the pediatrician.

Older children experience the same symptoms as the adults. Thereis the urge to urinate but just small amounts of urine come out. Change in thecolor and smell of the urine might also point to bladder infection. Girls couldfeel pain in the pelvis, boys usually complain about the pain in the rectalarea, and sometimes pain could be felt under the rib cage.

Bladder infections are usually caused by the invasion ofbacteria that normally live on the genitalia and rectum. When the body’sdefense system fails, bacteria enter the urinary tract and cause infection and malfunctionof bladder muscles.

Treatment of Bladder Infections in Children

The medications used to treat urinary infections are antibiotics.They are used in both children and adults, and the seriousness of the conditiondefines the used medications. These drugs should be used until the infectionis cleared away and even some time after that, to prevent potential recurrentinfections.

Fruit juices are very helpful in this situation, and the kidcould drink: blueberry, cranberry, watermelon or lemon juice, or mixed coconut water and lemon juice.

Some herbs are traditionally used to treat bladder infections.These are parsley, dandelion leaves and hydrangea, and uva ursi.

Make sure your kid drinks plenty of water. 8 or 9 glassesof water every day should be minimal amount of water. Properly clean the childafter the use of the toilet and use loose cotton clothes and underwear whilethe child is treated for the bladder infection.

Abdominal pain cause by the urinary infection can berelieved by some heating of the painful area.

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