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Introduction to bladder infections

The bladder stores urine for the body until it is finally released from the body. Oftentimes, a person can develop an infection of the bladder, which is usually a result of a bacterial infection.

When this occurs the bladder becomes inflamed and it can lead to considerable pain.

Another symptom of bladder infections is frequent urination. Some people also experience pain during sexual intercourse when they have bladder infections.

Of course, another common complaint by the people with bladder infections is that they experience pain while urinating as well.

Home remedies

Even though a doctor will probably recommend antibiotics to treat a bladder infection, it is first better to consider natural treatments.

There are a lot of alternatives that will help get rid of the bladder infection and also have less of a chance of causing side effects.

First of all, the best thing to do in order to get rid of a bladder infection is to up ones water intake significantly.

When people drink a lot of water, the infection is eliminated slowly in time through urination.

However, this consumption of water should be kept to a reasonable amount, which means that the limit of about ten glasses a day should not be exceeded.

Another good thing for people with bladder infections to drink is cranberry juice. However, it is best if it is not store-bought, but 100 percent pure, fresh squeezed juice.

Drinking the juice regularly will also prevent bladder infections from reoccurring once the initial infection is taken care of.

Plain yogurt is another good home remedy. It is however important to make sure that the yogurt s plain, because if there is any sugar or other additives, it will not be effective against the infection.

If a person has a bladder infection, they should consume in between five and six cups f yogurt a day, there is no need to overdue it.

It is also very important to generally watch what you are eating.

When a person has a nutritious diet, then they can naturally boost their immune systems, which will help in fighting off the infection.

People who have bladder infections should be eating green leafy vegetables as much as possible, such as cabbage. They should also consume fruits like mangos, oranges and pineapples, because they contain many vitamins.

There are also herbs that can fight the infection very effectively. Some of the following herbs have shown antiseptic properties that promote the improve functioning of the bladder, and they include uva ursi, buchu, lemon balm, bilberry, goldenseal and Echinacea.

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