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Infections are neverpleasant, no matter how small they are. And when one such infection affects theperson’s bladder, things can turn out to be quite awkward. Fortunately, thereis no need for braking your head with worrying since there are numerous ways in which this can be treated, and more so in the comfort of one’s home and by means ofhomemade natural remedies.

Infection revealed

The infection inquestion is also known as the interstitial cystitis. What it does is urge aperson in question to urinate too often. Another important thing to consider is that with each urination, urine volume decreases, and can be accompanied by other easily detected problems. This infection also belongs to the group ofclinical conditions and is known to be rooted in a couple of physiological, aswell as in a few diseased conditions. Having adult persons in mind, theirbladder is capable of storing the amount of urine equal to one glass. Underregular circumstances, urine does not contain any variety of pathogens. But, asexperts point out, in case a pathogen reaches by way of vagina the bladder where it reproduces in large numbers, there occurs the infection of thebladder.

As far as the targetgroups are concerned, women get infected more often than the men. Translatedinto numbers this means that as many as 90% of persons who get infected arewomen, and most of all in their early 40s. In some cases, bladder infection canalso be followed by the occurrence of ulcers in the lining of the bladder, although the reasons are being still unknown, unfortunately. Some of the suspected underlyingconditions are such as autoimmune disease, lack of proper amounts of glycan,sexual intercourse, use of catheters over longer periods of time, radiationtherapy, and pelvic region spasms.


Tell tale signs ofbladder infection that one should especially pay attention to are urination frequency rate transcending the 60 mark(on a daily basis), urination accompanied by highly unpleasant pain, occurrenceof pain in the course of sexual intercourse, anxiety, depression, occurrence ofpressure and spasms, occurrence of blood in person’s urine, mild fever etc.

Healing treatments

Lemonjuice and barley - barley needs to be boiled (double amount of water), thedrained water then poured in a different tank and lemon juice added in smallquantity.Marigoldand nettle are most effective in case infection occurs during pregnancy.Watermelon juice protects a person from developing interstitial cysts.

Other extremelyeffective homemade remedying solutions include a combination of thyme, Marshmallowand corn milk, also a mixture of yarrow, agrimony and plantain, lady finger,onion juice, cabbage and garlic.

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