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Bladder infection and the importance of the treatment

Even though this problem can affect anyone, regardless ofthe age or gender, the fact is that female population seems to be a bit moresusceptible to bladder infections, especially women who are between 20 and 50years old. Timely treatment is important in order to avoid possible consequences and complications, since this problem is not one of those that tend to disappear on their own. Most frequently, antibiotics are the first aider that people rely on,but it is important to know that they are not the only way in which thisproblem can be cured because there is a number of methods that are more naturalthen antibiotics and that are equally effective. Aside from this, when treatingbladder infections with natural remedies, there is no possibility that, forexample, yeast infection will occur as a side effect, which is particularlycommon in women.

Natural remedies for bladder infection

Cranberry juice is a choice number one among natural remediesthat help in the treatment of bladder infections. One of its most importantcharacteristics is that it does not allow bacteria which is already in thebladder to attach to the bladder walls, which means that it helps in theirwashing out form the body. It is important to drink it as much as possible, butit is suggested to avoid sweetened varieties.Vitamin C is also recommended in cases of bladder infection,because it affects the acidity of the urine in the bladder, which is not environmentthat bacteria prefer.Acidophilus bifidus, which can be found in yogurt and in thetablets that can be bought without a prescription, should also be consumed inincreased amounts, because they help in eliminating the infection.Juni-Pars capsule is a very useful herbal remedy, whichcontains root of parsley, goldenseal, Marshmallow and ginger, as well asjuniper berries, uva ursi, and lobelia. All of them are known for their abilityto help in the process of body cleansing.Apple cider vinegar can be used for making a bath, which isbeneficial when soaking in it because it alleviates the symptoms, especiallythe unpleasant burning sensation.Baking soda is helpful only at the beginning, when the firstsymptoms begin to appear. A half of the tablespoon should be mixed with a glassof water and drank in order to raise the acid-base balance of the urine.

It is important to drink a lot of water and to avoid spicyfood as long as the infection is present.

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