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We will focus now on the treatment and thingsthat can be done to remove the yeast infection. Firstly, you have to eliminatethe possibility of yeast expansion. Since sugar can cause this, it is veryimportant to limit the sugar consumption. Patients have to avoid eating, dairyproducts, grains, some types of fish and other. In order to decrease the numberof those bad funguses, you can use yogurt. This is an excellent home remedy,which should be drunk daily, no less than two cups of it. Yogurt is effectivesince this has bacteria which destroy the Candida alb cans. Drink a lot of waterand the colon will be freed from bad toxins. This clean colon will help withthe yeast treatment. Men can also use garlic to fight the infection. Everybodyknows about the natural healing properties of garlic. No matter how you consumegarlic, it has anti-fungal abilities which will aid in the yeast removal. Theitching problem can be eliminated, or at least decreased in worse cases, if youtake sits bath with little amount of vinegar added to the water. Remember touse sitting position when doing this baths. Remedies which you can also use arevinegar application (on the aching spot), cinnamon oil or bark, coconutcapsules or oil, oregano oil, tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar.At the end, we have to say a word or two aboutthe differences and affects between the remedies and medications. The maindifference is in the origin. Remedies are all natural, while medications arenot. Also, the side effects can be experienced after medication consumption,but not the remedy. They will both remove the problems and ensure the conditiondoesn't return. These are the facts, so you can decide which treatment to use. Butremember that seeking a medical consultation is always a wise thing to do.

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