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Urinary tract infection is an infection induced mainly by the bacteria called Escherichia coli, which can appear in any section of the urinary tract. When the bacteria penetrate into the bladder, they cause the infection called cystitis.

Cystitis is more frequent in females than in males and that is because of the body anatomy, since female urethra is shorter than in the males and the bacteria can reach the bladder through the short urethra more easily. Furthermore, the opening of the urethra is placed very close to the vaginal and rectal opening, which also facilitates the bacteria to penetrate more easily than in cases of men. Therefore, women are more prone to the recurring bladder infection than men, who suffer from it very rarely.

Causes of recurring bladder infections

As we have already said, bladder infection occurs due to the bacteria E. coli. It is estimated that almost every woman suffers from the bladder infection minimum once in the life. There are also women who suffer from recurring bladder infections, since there is a belief that the bacteria tend to attach themselves to the cells of the urethra and vagina and therefore, they may cause the bladder infection again later.

Symptoms of recurring bladder infections

The people who come to suffer again from a bladder infection may easily recognize the warning signs. The main symptoms of this urinary tract infection are frequent urination, aching urination and burning sensation when urinating. Furthermore, strong need for urinating at night, urethral discharge and foul smelling urine are also some of the symptoms of the bladder infection. The presence of blood in the urine and mild fever may also appear in some people who suffer from cystitis.

It is observed that recurring bladder infections are very rare in children, but they may appear due to poor toilet habits, as well as due to prolonged use of diapers. The uncircumcised boys are more prone to develop the cystitis.

Treatment for recurring bladder infections

Since the cystitis is caused by the bacteria, antibiotics are used for the treatment due to the fact that they effectively kill the bacteria in the body. When the person cures the bladder infection, it is necessary to take some preventive measures in order to prevent the recurrence of the bladder infection. Maintaining the genital area clean all the time is very important when the recurring cystitis is in question. Furthermore, drinking a lot of water is highly recommended when the bladder infection occurs, as well as drinking a lot of cranberry juice.

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