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Black currant is botanically referred to as ribus nigrum and it originates from the northern regions of Asia and Europe. Black currant seed oil is derived from the seeds of black currants and it is very efficient in providing the human body with numerous different types of health benefits because it is an excellent source of omega 3 essential fatty acids, omega 6 essential fatty acids, stearidonic acids, gamma-linolenic acid and alpha-linoleic acid.

Benefits of Black Currant Seed Oil

Black currant seed oil has been used for numerous medicinal purposes for many centuries now. Black currant seed oil is known for its very potent anti inflammatory properties and it comes in very handy when it comes to preventing numerous different types of cardiovascular diseases. Due to its very potent diuretic properties it is very efficient in promoting urine output and reducing rheumatic pains and arthritic pains.

Metabolism Booster and Energy Provider

Black currant seed oil increased the rate of metabolism, which may be of great help for all those who want to lose weight. It is also very efficient in soothing the nervous system and providing extra amounts of energy. Women who suffer from breast tenderness, mood swings, cramping during ovulation, back pain, stomach ache and other symptoms of the premenstrual syndrome may benefit greatly from using black currant seed oil.

Skin and Body Benefits

Black currant seed oil is an excellent source of omega 6 essential fatty acids so it can come in very handy when it comes to reducing the formation of wrinkles, repairing damaged tissues, maintaining proper health of the skin, healing the scars and reducing the incidence and severity of various skin related medical problems. Black currant seed oil is also responsible for providing the human body with various different types of cardiovascular benefits. It is efficient in boosting the production of prostaglandins, which are controlling the constriction of the blood vessels in the human body. Those who consume black currant seed oil commonly experience decreased incidence of atherosclerotic lesions. Black currant seed oil is also highly beneficial because it maintains the overall health of the heart, reduces the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood, controls the levels of blood pressure, reduces blood clotting and reduces the aggregation of the platelets. Black currant seed oil may also come in very handy for all those who suffer from arthritis, dermatitis and other sorts of inflammatory conditions.

Side Effects

Black currant seed oil may also be associated with certain types of side effects such as tightness of the throat, skin rash, swelling of the skin, hives and breathing difficulties.

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