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Information on Black Currant

Black currant seed oil gets extracted from the blackcurrants seeds which are excellent source of different types of essential fattyacids and they provide the human body with numerous different health benefits.Black currant is a berry which grows on a shrub that is botanically referred toas ribes nigrum. Black currant originates from Asia and Europe and it is aremarkable source of numerous different types of essential nutrients. It can becharacterized by a sharp, sweet taste and it can also be used to make desserts,jams and jellies.

Black currant can also be used to make juice which is ahealthier alternative to cranberry juice. Black currant seed oil also has avery high nutritional value and provides certain health benefits. Black curranthas been used in the traditional medicine for numerous centuries. It has potentdiuretic properties, which means that it was used for the treatment of arthritisalong with diarrhea.

Traditional Chinese medicine has used black currant forits very potent diaphoretic, febrifuge and diuretic properties. Black currantleaves can also be very efficient when it comes to prevention and treatment ofcertain medical conditions such as cough, mouth ulcers, dropsy, strep throatand rheumatic pain. Black currant bark and roots can also be used for theproduction of certain types of decoctions. Black currant seed oil and blackcurrant juice are used mainly as nutritional supplements.

Health Benefits of Black Currant Seed Oil

Black currant seed oil is an important source of numerousdifferent types of essential nutrients such as vitamin C, omega-3 essentialfatty acids, flavanoids, omega-6 essential fatty acids and rutin. It has verystrong anti inflammatory properties, which means that it can be of great help intreating arthritis and alleviating symptoms such as swelling, inflammatoryconditions and painful sensations. Black currant seed oil is also veryefficient in slowing down the process of aging because it reduces theproduction of prostaglandin E2 in the human body.

It is of great help when itcomes to treating acne, protecting the body from the damage caused by the freeradical and boosting the immune system. Black currant seed oil contains gammalinolenic acid, which means that it is very efficient in lowering the bloodpressure, preventing heart diseases, decreasing the levels of bad cholesterol inthe blood and increasing the levels of good cholesterol in the blood.

It isalso very efficient in preventing numerous different types of vital infectionsand skin disorders. Epileptic patients should avoid black currant seed oil. Itmay also be associated with certain allergic reactions.

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