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Information on Black Cumin Seed

Black cumin seed comes from a plant which originates fromthe southwest Asia and its botanical name is nigella sativa. Black cumin seedis one of the most useful seeds when it comes to numerous different types ofancient medicinal purposes. A whole black cumin seed can be characterized by avery dark color and a thin, crescent shape.

The plant itself is also known bynumerous different names such as fennel flower, black onion seed, blackcaraway, Roman coriander and nutmeg flower. The seeds are located in the fruitof the plant and they can be found in the follicles. Black cumin seed providesnumerous different types of health benefits and it can also be used for theproduction of medicinal oil. Islam honors the black cumin seed as the ultimatemedication which can cure all illnesses and medical conditions.

Black cuminseed is known for its potent therapeutic values. It can be characterized byvery powerful analgesic, anti parasitic, anti inflammatory, anti viral,antihistaminic, anti fungal, anti allergic, anti bacterial, anti oxidant,hypoglycemic, anti cancer, antihypertensive and anti asthmatic qualities.

Health Benefits of Black Cumin Seeds

Black cumin seeds serve numerous medicinal purposes but theycan also be used as a spice in numerous different types of foods. The seeds arevery efficient in aiding the process of digestion and reducing abdominalbloating and gas. They can also come in very handy when it comes in enhancingthe proper bowel movement and reducing the risk of intestinal worms.

Blackcumin seeds are beneficial in boosting the strength of the immune system andtreating a large number of different types of auto-immune disorders. Blackcumin seeds can be used for the prevention and treatment of certain othermedical conditions such as headache, cough, toothache, influenza, differenttypes of infections, common cold, different types of allergic reactions andasthma.

They are very efficient in strengthening the nails and hair. Blackcumin seed can be used for the production of oil which can be applied topicallyon the affected areas of the skin in order to treat certain medical conditionssuch as psoriasis, acne, skin rash, eczema and skin dryness. Black cumin seeds are also of great help whenit comes to prevention and treatment of numerous different types ofcancer.

Black cumin seeds cannot be associatedwith any types of side effects but still they should not be consumed bypregnant or breastfeeding women.

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