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It is an exciting time when you and your partner have made the decision to have the children. It is a big decision to come to and when you have made it, you are full of positivity and plans. However, for the majority of people it is not as simple as one may think. Of course there are women who forget one contraceptive pill or have one condom break and they become pregnant and then there are many others that try for a minimum of a year before they read positive on the pregnancy test.

The Best Time to Conceive

A woman’s most fertile time of her cycle is the ovulation period. This is when an egg is released into the uterus. The egg will only stay in the uterus for around a twelve hour period ready for fertilization and this only occurs once a month. So you can see now that out of a whole month, there is only a twelve hour window of opportunity for conception. It is recommended that you make an evaluation of when your ovulation is due to happen and then you can time your intercourse in harmony with it so you can amplify your probabilities of getting pregnant. A method used by many women is to count the days. Basically you should calculate when your next period is about to happen and count backwards twelve to sixteen days depending on how many days you have in your cycle. Most of the women have a twenty eight day cycle which means that they will be ovulating on the fourteenth day. There are some great websites that help you to calculate your ovulation time but you need to have relatively regular cycles and remember the date of your last period.

Cervical Mucus and the Best Time To Get Pregnant

Your body will tell you when it is ready, there are physical signs that you can learn to read. Your cervical mucus enhances in its amount and it also changes its texture. As your estrogen levels grow the mucus will become thicker and the amount will grow. The greatest time to get pregnant is when the mucus gets clear, slimy, and stretchy. The mucus is produced to aid the sperm travel to the uterus and the egg.

Basal Body Temperature

Your temperature can give an indication when you are ovulating but it is not reliable enough. Your basal body temperature should enhance by 0.5 to 1.6 degrees. It won’t be felt so you will need to use a thermometer. Progesterone is what causes this rise.

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