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Are you trying to get pregnant? Of course you're more than aware of the bees and the birds, but we'll give you a refresher course about the importance of timing intercourse. Why? Because women have such a short (but very real) window of opportunity to get pregnant each month, that knowing when you are fertile and getting together with your partner and exactly that time is really of paramount importance. Your health matters. What you eat matters. Knowing when you ovulate matters. But what matters most of all is having sex when it really counts!

Because sperm has the amazing ability to stick around inside your body for up to five days, the intercourse you have in the days leading up to your ovulation may be your winning ticket. Couples who have sex regularly for around five days before ovulation is expected increase their chances of getting pregnant, and of course the Big O itself is the next big chance.

Having sex a couple of times in the days before your egg is supposed to be released, and a few more times when you are ovulating, might be the best approach. Having regular sex, but not too much of it, ensures that your partner has the best possible sperm count and that you have the largest odds of one of those swimmers reaching your egg.

There are many ways of knowing when you are ovulating. An ovulation calendar actually gives you the best chance of planning ahead. Charting to conceive, using ovulation predictor kits, and tracking your cervical mucus, can all be of assistance. Knowledge is always power, and in this case it will really bring you so much closer to getting pregnant. If you are hoping to get pregnant but are not yet monitoring your ovulation and timing your intercourse, now is the time to get on the bandwagon!

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