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When one or both partners in a couple reaches the age of 40, time is not on their side as they try to conceive. When the male or female partner reaches 40, multiple methods should be tried to ensure conception as soon as possible. Here are some of the most valuable methods that might help you answer the question of how to get pregnant fast after you and your partner reach age 40 or beyond.

1. Time intercourse for maximum fertility. Women are not fertile throughout the entire menstrual cycle. Typically, sexual intercourse results in pregnancy only during the five-day window around ovulation. If the female partner has a menstrual cycle of at least 21 to at most 45 days, then a fertility monitoring system like ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor may be very helpful. Otherwise, a temperature monitoring method may help chart peak fertility.

2. The male partner should abstain from ejaculation during the week before the female partner ovulates. The prostate can store semen for several days, increasing total sperm count and semen volume, helping compensate for other infertility factors. The greatest amount of ejaculate possible will increase the probability of conception. Two or three days after ovulation, "saving semen" is not necessary until female partner ovulates again.

3. The missionary position is more likely to result in conception than other styles of lovemaking. In the missionary position, the man's penis is slightly bent backwards. This aims ejaculation in the direction of the openings of the fallopian tubes, giving sperm a shorter path to swim to the egg.

4. Physical foreplay reduces conception rates. During physical foreplay, the woman's uterus rises, creating a longer path to the fallopian tubes. Verbal foreplay followed by intercourse is preferable when having sex to conceive a child.

5. Anti-inflammatory diets may increase fertility of both partners. If the man's sperm count is low due to obstructive azoospermia, or the women's cervical mucus is thick and dry, or if symptoms of PMS seem to last the whole period, then increasing consumption of healthy essential fatty acids such as those found in fish oil, most nut oils, grapeseed oil, and olive oil will help reduce the production of inflammatory hormones that create swellings of various sorts that interfere with the transportation of sperm. It is also important to avoid eating sugar and foods that are high in arachidonic acid, a fatty acid found in beef, cured meats of all kinds (such as luncheon meat and hot dogs), eggs, and margarine.

These five steps will not guarantee getting pregnant fast after 40--but they will help, and maybe with these tips you will soon be the one to finally feel those pregnancy signs. As for any other methods you use, never rely on a single medical intervention to enhance fertility for longer than six months if either partner is over 40. Time to conceive is of the essence for future pregnancy and delivery of a healthy child.

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