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If you want to know how to get pregnant fast, keep reading because we will give you some advice on that issue in this article.

Tip No 1 Sex. Have it at least three times a week, because that is the best and the most natural way to get pregnant. Couples made a big mistake by having sex only when the woman is ovulating. Since, women often make a mistake about calculating the ovulation period and since our body doesn’t work like a Swiss clock, having sex three times a week, a woman can increase her chances of getting pregnant.

Tip No2 If you want to get pregnant fast, it is recommended to use ovulation prediction kit or fertility monitor. Other methods of calculating ovulation can be really confusing and women can often make a mistake by calculating the wrong date. The instructions for the prediction of ovulation and for the use of the kit is easy, and it leaves no space for a mistake. Clear Blue Easy monitor is also an effective tool for women who want to conceive fast, as with it changes in LH can be read.

Tip No3 In order to become pregnant, the best time for having sex is before ovulation. After the ovulation, a female egg can live for 24 hours, and sperm semen can live three to five days. So, if you have sex before ovulation, sperm that is inside of you can live a few more days than the egg.

Tip No 4 Don’t use the Calendar method as the only tool for forecasting the period of ovulation, as it is based on a 28 period menstrual cycle, and due to calendar, women calculate that the pest period for having sex is a 14th day after the end of a period. As we are all different, the time of the ovulation isn’t the same for every woman, so use other more precise methods to determine ovulation day.

Tip No 5 Don’t give too much notice to fertility charting alone, because by the time you can see when your ovulation is on the chart, it is already gone.

Tip No 6 Before deciding on having a baby, consult a doctor, since he can do a thorough check and see if you have some disease that you weren’t aware of.

Tip No 7 Restrain from alcohol, drug use and anything else that is damaging your health.

Tip No 8 Enjoy in sex, don’t do it just for the purpose of getting pregnant.

Tip No 9 Have sex in positions that will promote the sperm to stay in your vagina longer. Missionary position is a good position for that purpose.

Tip No 10 Trying to get pregnant can be a burden, and it is all question of time when you and your partner will succeed in that.

According to statistics, one year is necessary in order to get pregnant.

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