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Many women who are trying to conceive are looking for tips on how to get pregnant as fast as possible. Once you and your partner have arrived at the decision to start trying to become pregnant and add a baby to your family, it is only natural to want to make it happen as soon as you can! What are some of the best ways to increase your chances of conceiving quickly?

Boost your fertility

Women who are generally fit and healthy tend to be more fertile, and the same holds true for men too. Eating well, and exercising regularly, may increase your fertility as well as your overall well being. Taking a prenatal vitamin that includes folic acid aids your fertility and promotes proper fetal development in those early weeks of pregnancy, including the two weeks before you are sure that you are pregnant.

Know when you are ovulating

Women who know their menstrual cycles, and are aware of the exact date of their ovulation, greatly increase their chances of conceiving each month. There are many different ways in which you can find out when your most fertile days will come round. Using an ovulation calendar, ovulation tests, monitoring cervical mucus, and charting to conceive are some of them. You can use these methods separately or in combination with each other.

Timing intercourse

Once you know when you are fertile, you can time your intercourse to coincide with ovulation. Having regular sex in the days before ovulation is expected (ovulation calendars are really the most useful tools for general predictions!) boosts your odds because sperm can survive for a few days and might get to the egg as soon as it is released. And doing the deed a few more times when your ovulation has started means you are doing everything you can to get pregnant.

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