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Ovulation is an important part of menstrual cycle when a couple is considering conception. For this reason knowing when the ovulation, the most fertile period of woman's cycle is going to happen, is essential for couples that are trying to conceive. There are several methods that can successfully predict ovulation, some with more certainty than the others.

Ovulation prediction kits are very precise and work by detecting pre-ovulation hormone LH in woman s body. They are very popular because they can be simply performed at home and because they predict ovulation with great accuracy. Change in cervical mucus is another indicator woman is ovulating since the amount of cervical mucus increases at its texture changes. Cervical mucus reflects the rising level of estrogen and woman is considered most fertile when mucus becomes stretchy and slippery, many times women compare it to egg white. When woman enters the most fertile days of the menstrual cycle her body temperature slightly rises, in average from 0.5 to 1.6 degrees. The rise is minimal so you probably won t feel it but if you use thermometer, it is possible to detect the change. The rise in temperature indicated woman is ovulating and releasing an egg which stimulates the production of the hormone progesterone which consequently raises body temperature. Only one fourth of female population will feel slight discomfort in lower abdomen during ovulation. The pain might vary from mild achiness to pain in lower abdomen, and the condition might last from several minutes to several hours, and is a definite sign woman is ovulating.

Another very popular, but not that reliable method is counting days. Usually ovulation occurs from 11th to 14th day of the menstrual cycle (the first day of period is also the first day of menstrual cycle). This method is more reliable if you know precisely how long is your cycle and this way you can more determine the fertile days more precisely. Also this method works for women who have regular cycles.

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