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What is the best way to get pregnant? There are many approaches to trying to get pregnant from the relaxed, "wait and see" attitude to vaguely tracking ovulation, to meticulously charting one's menstrual cycle. If you are currently hoping for a positive pregnancy test, there are no hard and fast rules on the best way to conceive. The best way is what you are personally comfortable with.

Letting nature take its course

Some couples decide to ditch birth control at some point, or just get married and start enjoying intimate relations. Research consistently suggests that most couples who have unprotected sex regularly conceive within a year. The chances are that this will be true for you as well. This laid-back approach to having a baby works best for those who are happy to get pregnant at any time, and have no concerns about their fertility.

Moderate-intensity approach

If you are hoping to get pregnant fast, there is no doubt that having some information about your menstrual cycle and your ovulation increases your odds of making it happen. You may feel better when you take some action that makes a quick pregnancy more likely, but don't want to think about trying to conceive all day long. In this case, you may look into using an ovulation calendar. This tool gives you an approximate ovulation date, and you could step up your baby-making efforts during the days surrounding that date.

Want to know it all?

Women who want clear and accurate information about when they are fertile are best off using one of two methods: charting to conceive (using basal body temperature) and ovulation tests. The first is fairly labor-intensive but gives a lot of information. The second requires spending money, but a positive ovulation test certainly assures you that you are actually ovulating.

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