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So, planning to make babies, eh? Great! But, believe it or not, even that task should be taken seriously. Here are some tips that will hopefully get you pregnant in no time. For starters, it's good to know that most women get pregnant within twelve months of 'decision day'. If it takes longer, it would be a good idea to consult a specialist in order to determine the problem.

Begin to change

Switch to a more adequate lifestyle. If you drink or smoke, it would be a good time to stop. Are you a sporty type and you know that pain is gain? Ease off a bit, too much exercise hampers ovulation (we'll get to that word later). Moderation is the key. You can also be too thin - if you are slim and don't have periods, put on some weight.

Kick that stress in the...

Wow, making a baby. Can I do that? I need that baby done by next month - I have plans, you know. Bad way to go. Stress gets in the way ovulation. Also stressed men might not be able to, ahem, perform. Do whatever you can to avoid stress. Take the pressure off the matter. Don't push it. You will have more than enough deadlines in your life, becoming pregnant should not be one.

There is a time for everything

Ovulation (fertile days) is the best time to get pregnant. It is part of the menstrual cycle when mature, fertile egg gets released from the ovary and gets in the reproductive channels. General hormonal and metabolic balance of organism around ovulation is optimized for getting pregnant. Ovulation usually happens around 14th day of menstrual cycle (begin counting on first day of menstruation) but since many women have periods other than 28-day cycle, it is better not to rely on counting alone.

Use ovulation prediction kits or get to know symptoms of ovulation. These are thin, watery, mucus-like discharge from the vagina and, eventually, a momentary pain in one of the ovaries (this is when egg is released). No need to overdo with sex during the fertile days in order to 'be sure to hit it'. It actually does not help at all. Sperm can survive for up to three days, and it takes some time for new sperm cells to form and mature, so if your man shoots all his supplies in a rapid succession, it will take some time to reload. We could say that slow firing of live rounds is more effective than rapid firing of blanks.

Tech support questions

Before you ask, no, there is no best position for making babies and whatever you've heard is not true. Sperm cells must get into the uterus and up the oviduct to meet and fertilize the egg. There are positions that are not very helpful for this, such as woman on top, or actions, such as standing up immediately after sex, which add gravitational pull to all the troubles sperm must endure on its long way. It does help to lie on your back 10-15 minutes after sex and/or to put a pillow under your pelvis while you lie down.

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