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Fertility charting, a method that relies on taking your temperature at a set time every day as well as following other cues your body gives, may sound like a difficult endeavor. But women who got into the swing of charting to conceive say they find it easy and very informative. How do women who are trying to get pregnant get started with fertility charting?


There are various things that women who are charting their fertility monitor to increase their chances of getting pregnant soon. They are the dates of your menstruation, cervical mucus, basal body temperature (BBT), and the dates you had intercourse. Knowing when you last menstruated helps you get a global idea of when to expect the next ovulation. Cervical mucus, which changes throughout the month, can tell when "in the know" exactly when they are ovulating. And measuring temperatures is effective because a woman's temperature will rise during ovulation, because of increased progesterone levels. In addition, many women experience physical symptoms that point to ovulation. Those include ovulation bleeding and pain, sometimes fatigue, and some women notice tender breasts during their fertile days. All these can be noted down to get to know your cycle and your fertility better.


All of the factors mentioned, when combined, will give anyone a lot of insights into their fertility, and when to try to get pregnant. But how do you go about this? First a note about measuring your temperature. This is only effective when done after long periods of inactivity, at the same time each day. Therefore, measuring your temperature early in the morning before you get up works best. You can of course use a regular, paper or online, calendar to take notes about all the events mentioned, and to jot down your basal body temperature each day. But an increasing number of women finds online fertility charting services handy and easy to use. Plus, choosing an online fertility charting service means you will have your regular diary free for day-to-day stuff!

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