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High cholesterol

This is one very common and widespread problem which can be treated with the use of several medications. There is an possible alternative in the form of supplements. These are all natural supplements and have given good results in the studies. Since, they are natural, side effect virtually do not exist, which means that there is no reason why you should not give them a chance. Maybe you will get some results.


There are several supplements that you can use for the problem with high blood cholesterol. The first we will talk about is red yeast rice. Although it has been banned by the FDA, its use is still very popular. The reason why this supplement was banned is the existence of some ingredients that can also be found is a prescription drugs that are used for high cholesterol treatment. But the court reversed the decision and now the supplement can be used. It comes from China and it is side effect free.

Next possible supplement is the extract of artichoke leaf. The use of this supplement may balance the cholesterol problem. These supplements increase the production of bile and block the synthesis of the cholesterol by the body. Several studies showed that this supplement must be taken in the region of 1800 mg during the day. Only this will lead to the 18% cholesterol reduction, and it will also cause the 23% reduction of LDL cholesterol. Soluble fiber is a supplement that has high levels of fiber. It helps with the problem by bounding the fiber and cholesterol, and so the body cannot be digested. They also exist in the form of a powder. Several foods have it and they are legumes, rye and barley. Take 5-10 g of soluble fiber and the LDL cholesterol will be reduced by 5%.

Since omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial for the high cholesterol problem, fish must be consumed. Omega-3 acids will help with your heart and high cholesterol problems. If you eat two servings of fish, like salmon or sardines, you will consume the nutrients needed. Flax is also a good source of omega-3, especially if you are a vegetarian. The last two supplements we will talk about are the stanols and plant sterols. They are natural and their popularity is rising. Since they are natural, the manufacturers are using them in the production of many products, such as orange juice and salad dressings. So in order to use them, you will only have to visit the supermarket. They will help in the cholesterol reduction.

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