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Lowering CholesterolVarious medications can lower blood cholesterol level. Statins are class of drugs for lowering cholesterol that apart from their effects on lowering bad cholesterol (LDL), have effects on lowering blood fats and raising good cholesterol (HDL). Lipitor is, in the Statins group, the best –selling medication for treating high cholesterol. Statin’s side effects are usually mild but sometimes they include muscle problems and liver abnormalities. In order to avoid these adverse effects, people may try to lower their cholesterol with various natural supplements.

Supplements for Lowering CholesterolLower cholesterol level reduces risk of heart failure and stroke. In order to choose the supplement that suits you the best, you must do tests to know exact count of LDL and HDL. If you need to lower your cholesterol for 30 points, supplement that lowers cholesterol for 10 points won’t be enough for you. Thus, if you take supplement appropriate for you, you will considerably reduce risk of heart attack and stroke. There are following supplements for lowering cholesterol:

Cinnamon. Cinnamon is proven to lower high cholesterol, particularly in patients suffering from diabetes.

Garlic. Garlic supplements are available in capsule and tablet form and contain approximately 500mg of allicin. Some studies show that 900mg per day can significantly lower bad cholesterol. Commonly, people cannot eat whole clove of garlic every day, thereby garlic supplements are necessary for general health benefits and lowering cholesterol.

Green tea extract. One capsule of green tea supplement corresponds to five cups of tea. Green tea supplement advantage is that it doesn’t include caffeine.

Magnesium. This mineral can lower LDL and triglycerides and raise HDL. It is also vital for calcium absorption.

Niacin (Vitamin B3). In supplement form it is known as nicotinic acid, nicotinate, and Niacinamide. One of its qualieties includes lowering bad cholesterol level and raising good cholesterol level as well. Niacin is preferred in people with triglyceride level above 250mg/dl.

Pantethine (Vitamin B5). This supplement has potential to lower LDL and triglycerides and raise HDL.

Omega-3 fatty acids. Fish oil supplement is the richest source of omega-3 fatty acids that can naturally lower cholesterol.

Plant sterols (PS). Plant sterols can be found in every plant but only in supplement form PS have property to regulate cholesterol levels.

Guggulipid. Mukul myrrh tea contains guggulipid that have potency to lower bad cholesterol and triglycerides, and elevate good cholesterol level.

Turmeric. This is the best supplement for potency.

Policonsol. This supplement inhibits liver to produce cholesterol. It can elevate good cholesterol level and lower bad cholesterol level.

Tocotrienols. Barley oil and rice bran contain tocotrienols antioxidants that impact cholesterol levels.

Vitamin C. It is an antioxidant beneficial to general well being and can be used for treating high cholesterol.

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