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Body weight is very important for normal functioning of the human body and its processes. There are ways in which we can maintain good body weight and some of the ways include physical activity and leading proper and healthy diet. This diet implies the intake of carbohydrate and fiber rich foods and reduction of the foods that contain high levels of cholesterol and fat. We will talk more about this subject in the following lines.

Cholesterol Lowering Foods

Cholesterol can be reduced with the consumption of cholesterol low foods. This will greatly decrease the chances of heart related diseases, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and, of course, obesity. When we eat foods with cholesterol, the body absorbs it and then it goes to the bloodstream, but with the use of soluble fiber, the cholesterol will not reach the bloodstream. Dried beans, fruits, oat bran and peas are some of the foods rich in soluble fiber, although we can also mention psyllium seeds. The cholesterol can be reduced with the consumption of soluble fiber. The soluble fiber can prevent too fast emptying of the stomach when it binds with the fatty acids.

The release of the sugar is stimulated by this and the body will then absorb it slower, and thus reduce the total cholesterol and the LDL cholesterol levels, which is the harmful one. Beans and peas like soy beans, navy, lentils and kidney, are some of the foods rich in soluble fiber. Whole grains like barley, rice and oats, along with the whole grain products, like cereals and breads, are also rich in soluble fiber. We can also mention seeds like flax and psyllium, fruits like oranges, peaches and apples, and vegetables such as carrots, broccoli and spinach. Antioxidant abilities can be found among foods like whole grains, vegetables, seeds, nuts and fruits and this ability is very beneficial on the cells since it prevents potential damage to the cells.


Calories found in the carbohydrates and proteins are halved when we compare them to the calories found in the fat. Fat can cause medical problems, although this does not mean that it should never be eaten. We should eat, but with care. We do need fat, but we can get it from the avocados, nuts, lean poultry and fish. Also, it can be found in legumes, beans and seeds. Animal cholesterol and sterols are similar in the structure, but their effects on the human body are different since animal cholesterol helps the buildup of the plaque in the arteries, while sterols do not have such effect, and thus prevent heart diseases, atherosclerosis and other conditions and diseases.

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