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Harmful levelsof cholesterol and niacin

This vitaminwe will be talking about, vitamin B3 or niacin, is one of those that can have abeneficial effect on lowering the level of cholesterol, which is important incase it is too high. This vitamin can be taken on its own, or combined withsynthetic medications for high cholesterol for a stronger effect.

A greatnumber of people nowadays are experiencing different problems with theircoronary health. These ailments which affect so many people and which are beinglinked to high levels of cholesterol and blood pressure can be helped by propernutrition. That is the reason why, some studies are being conducted (forexample, the effect of niacin) with the aim of determining what can be done toavoid and decrease the risk of these ailments occurring.

Natural assistancein lowering cholesterol

Synthetic medicationsare frequently very successful in decreasing the level of cholesterol. However,apart from the benefits this kind of therapy brings, there are side effectsthat may occur, as with any synthetic medication. That is why it is veryimportant for some people to try to find a totally harmless way to lower thelevel of their cholesterol. One of the natural solutions is the mentionedniacin or vitamin B3. This vitamin belongs to the group of water-soluble ones,which means that one virtually cannot take in too much of it and that thesurplus is easily washed away from the body.

It isalready almost common knowledge that there exist two kinds of cholesterol inhuman organisms, the so called good and bad cholesterol, or HDL and LDL. They bothhave their roles in human body and they pose no problem when the levels arekept at bay. However, when the levels cross over certain thresholds, it maylead to coronary ailments over years.

This vitamin,which can be taken in on its own or combined with regular medications forreducing the level of cholesterol, can do worlds of good for people who areexperiencing troubles with their cholesterol levels. There are differentversions of niacin supplements that your doctor may recommend to you, dependingon what kind a specific patients needs. For example, some have a formulationthat is slowly released in the body, while other are released immediately. A studyhas determined that niacin will help reduce the level of bad cholesterol bysome ten to twenty percent, while at the same time raising the level of badcholesterol by roughly fifteen to 35%.

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