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Eczema can be a discomforting problem, which can produce even stronger emotional effect than the physical. Many patients with eczema are afraid to leave the home because of the embarrassing stains on the body. We will try to help you with this problem, since there are ways in which this problem can be reduced or even eliminated.

Eating habits

People with eczema should avoid food that can aggravate the problem. Foods that have been confirmed to have such effects are milk, eggs, soy, peanuts and fish. It may be a good idea to keep a track of the things you eat, so that you can see if some specific food is leading to the aggravation of the problem. Sugar, processed food and saturated fats should not be consumed at all, while food such as whole grains, vegetables and fruits are highly advisable. Also, try to eat as much of omega-3 fatty acids as you can. This acid can be found in the mackerel, herring and salmon.

Home remedies

You will need to avoid anything that can aggravate the problem, as said earlier. Patients should be clear of wool and synthetic fiber clothes, animal dander, dust, any kind of skin irritants, lanolin, sand, cosmetics, detergents, cigarettes, perfumes, and pollen. Also remember not to touch or scratch the problematic areas, since they can lead to lesions. It may be good idea to trim the nails. Your surroundings should be cool and stress-free, since otherwise the symptoms will aggravate. Try to use a lubricant cream in order to keep your skin moist and try not to use lukewarm baths and soaps, since they can cause the dryness of the skin.


Several supplements you can use for this problem. Omega-3 can help with the inflammation and it can be found in the fish oil. Another supplement you can use is the primrose oil, which is high in omega-6 fatty acids and linoleic acid, which is excellent for the eczema problem. The use of this supplement can relive the problems of flaking, dryness and itchiness. Zinc supplements are also very effective, but take about 30 mg of zinc in one day. The use of good bacteria or the probiotics is also a good supplement, since it will fight off the bad bacteria found in the body. It proved to be very successful during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Chamomile flowers are also used because of their anti-inflammatory properties, while the use of witch hazel can eliminated many skin troubles, and bring positive effect on eczema as well. Since the stress can increase the problem, we have to be relaxed and calm. Lavender can help with this task, and for that purpose, it should be consumed orally.

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