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Back pain is a very real and common complaint in the today’s world. Causes can range from medical problems to stress to poor lifting technique. Most people still seek the attention of a doctor and tablets. However, the majority of back pain cases can be rectified by taking certain vitamins, herbs, the correct nutrition and some homeopathic medicines. It is absolutely advisable to have a thorough consultation with a professional prior to dabbling in the herb world as some will work wonderfully while others will do more damage than good. This is so because everyone’s make up is unique and will react differently to the next person.Where to Find the Medicine

The majority of the natural herbs can be located in your local pharmacy or in a health food shop. There may be a choice between the store brand names and the named brands so just make sure you read the labels in full prior to buying them. It is always advisable to research and gather information about the reputable stores and professionals in your area.

Natural Supplements for Back Pain

Most of the herbs and supplements will come with a recommended dosage. However if your weight is out of the normal bracket so if you are underweight or overweight, and then see your doctor who will readjust your recommended amount. The pain medication that you will receive from your doctor will more than likely relieve your pain more or less straight away but most of them will have side effects and will possibly cause damage in other areas in a long term basis. The natural path will take a little longer to take effect but as it is natural it will not damage your body if taken correctly. If you want to use herbs then it is suggested that you use it in a tea form, so half a tablespoon of herb and full of hot water, simmer for a while and drink three to five times a day. You can also get herbs in a powder form or in a capsule.

Vitamins and Minerals for Back Pain

There is a huge list of vitamins and minerals that can alleviate your back pain but it is very important that you follow the instructions correctly as every supplement has its own dosage. For example if you will be taking Zinc then you should have 30mg twice per day, but if you will take calcium then you will need 500mg per day.

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