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Polycystic ovarian syndrome (also called PCOS), is a syndrome that is related with women’s hormonal problems. Symptoms may include problems with fertility, menstrual cycle, hormones, and also other problems in the body like blood vessels, heart and insulin production.

In cases of PCOS; one or the other ovary do not produce enough hormones, for eggs to be completely matured. Some of them may turn into cyst. Because there is no mature eggs, ovulation is non existent, and therefore, hormone progesterone (hormone that affect menstrual cycle) is not produced, too.

Usual treatment for this disorder, in classic medical approach is with birth control pills, but they have sometimes bed side effects. Good alternative in these cases is to try combination of herbs, minerals and vitamins. Although, there are no known side effects in this kind of therapy, you should always consult your doctor or herbalist, about dosage and way of use.

There is a list of some of those vitamins, minerals and herbs;

ZincIt is one of the minerals that our body need on daily basis. Zinc should be part of our daily diet, but because of industrial farming, there is a little zinc left in every day food. So, you can either try with organic food, or with zinc supplements. Either way, you can try to intake regular amounts of Zinc daily, because it is very important in our body, regulates hormones, appetite, etc.

Aloe GelThis is very good remedy for regulate acne, common side affect of PCOS. It also has antibacterial and anti stringent properties.

Red CloverGood choice of herb in cases of vitamin deficiency. This herb is very rich in almost every mineral that body needs, as well as large quantities of vitamins and proteins, too.

Evening PrimroseThis supplement is very commonly used, because it is rich in linolenic acid and G.L.A. It helps your problems with PMS, to improve skin quality and fibrocystic breast disease.

Raspberry LeafThis is one of most commonly use d herb in fertility issues. This herb contains lot of calcium, and it very good for uterine problems, too.

ChromiumVery important mineral in cases of PCOS. It helps with liver problems, glucose management, overweight control, and with blood cholesterol and fat.

Milk ThistleAlso known as Silybum marianum, this is very important herb for liver problems. It protects liver cells from damage, and improves overall functions of liver.

B vitaminsThey are very important in cases of PCOS. Vitamins B2, B3, B5 and B6 are irreplaceable with overall wellbeing of your entire body, especially with weight control. They help the body to transform proteins, sugar and fat into energy.

Magnesium LevelsYou must carefully monitor levels of magnesium in your body. If magnesium deficiency occurs, you may develop problems with diabetes.

CinnamonVery useful herb to regulate insulin management in your body, a problem very commonly tied with PCOS. Regarding very high chance that you will develop some sort of diabetic problems when having PCOS, it is a very good prevention against that case.

Co-Enzyme Q10This is a vitamin like substance, and every single cell in our body contains it. Is very important in carbohydrate management in our bodies, and you should make sure to take enough quantities of this substance.

Agnus castusThis herb is very important in managing functions of pituitary gland. This gland normally produces and controllers hormones needed for balanced work of endocrine gland.

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