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Women Fertily Issues

Many women who have not been able to conceive are willing to try herbal therapy prior any other medical intervention. They hope that herbs will help them in getting pregnant. This is no wonder as numerous herbs have already been proven to be good in treatment of female infertility. Still there have to be certain measures of precaution as some herbs must not be used if a woman has managed to conceive.

Chaste Tree Berry

Chaste tree berry is a very powerful herb which stimulates pituitary gland. This way pituitary gland produces certain hormones that are in charge with regulation of female sexual hormones and they can be well balanced only if pituitary gland is functioning properly. This herb is excellent in case of dysmenorrhea and premenstrual stress. The stress may be only one cause of female infertility.

This herb is good as it helps with hormonal imbalance. Hormones need to be in proper balance if a woman wants to conceive. Hormonal imbalance may come and go and the stress is the leading cause of this problem. Improper function of hormones will not result in ovulation and there will be no eggs to be fertilized. This is why this herb may be beneficial and regulate menstrual cycle so that a woman may have regular ovulation. The herb is also good in elimination of certain symptoms related to menstrual bleeding such as pain.

Dong Quai

Dong quai is another herb that may be helpful in all the women who are having difficulties to conceive. This is a Chinese herb rich in iron, vitamin B12 and vitamin E. This herb is in charge with proper balance of estrogen. It has been used in China for many years in regulation of menstrual cycles. Still, dong quai must not be taken during menstrual bleeding as it can lead to prolonged and heavy bleeding. This happens because dong quai also acts as powerful anticoagulant.

False Unicorn Root

This is another herb that can be efficient in case of amenorrhea, endometriosis and hormonal imbalance. Apart from helping in getting pregnant this herb can be also efficient in eradication of certain illnesses of reproductive organs. False unicorn root is additionally powerful in maintenance of pregnancy once it as occurred. Still it is not advisable to be consumed in pregnancy unless it has been recommended by a professional. And, if taken in large doses this herb can lead to hot flashes, irritation of stomach and kidneys, problems with vision and vomiting.

Wild Yam

Wild yam is excellent as it enhances the production of progesterone. Sufficient amount of progesterone is particularly good for those women who are suffering from short lutheal phase. This herb should be taken after ovulation because if taken prior the ovulation it can simply avert the process of ovulation.

And finally, after getting pregnant women should stop using herbal supplements and products made of specific herbs. This has to be done as certain herbs may lead to miscarriages and be fatal for the baby. There is a variety of herbs that should be avoided during pregnancy and one should consult a doctor prior usage any of the herbal products or herbal supplements in pregnancy.

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