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Adrenal Fatigue and Nature’s Cures
This condition, i.e. a problem, falls into the category of those pretty difficult to remedy and ward off. As a matter of fact, it takes on the average about one to two years time until completely cured and warded off. But the healing and recuperation time is not the only issue here. Namely, adrenal fatigue is fairly often an indicator of numerous different underlying health problems and conditions. If you fall into the group of people with whom this is exactly the case, the first stop to healing and remedying this condition is by solving the puzzle of the underlying one first. Among those underlying conditions, which are thought to be most often at the bottom of adrenal fatigue, we encounter such as infection, which is way on its way, inflammation, overgrowth of candida, the irritable bowel syndrome, as well as many different health related issues and problems that are the main culprits for initiating the lasting stress to the adrenals.
Supplements, Herbs, Hormonals, and the Rest to the Rescue
Among those most recommended, and thought to be most effective when it comes to successfully treating this condition are the following:
Vitamin C (dosage is 2.000 to 4.000 mg per day) – most effective if combined with substances known as bioflavonoidsVitamin E (dosage is 800 IU per day) – most effective when combined with tocopherolsVitamin B100 ComplexNiacin (dosage is anywhere between 125-150 mg per day)Pyridoxine B6 (dosage is 150 mg per day)Pantothenic Acid B5 (dosage is 1200 to 1500 per day)Magnesium Citrate (dosage is 400 to 1200 mg) most recommended form is powder (Natural Calm), since this is the only form that ensures a successful absorbing of this substanceLiquid Trace Minerals – their significance lies in the fact that they have a soothing potential and tranquilizing effectFree-Form Amino AcidsProline (500 mg per day) extremely helpful when there is a need to “rejuvenate’ and rebuild all the connective tissues found in our body, because the weak adrenals have proven to be directly dependable on the quality of the connective tissues.
Remedies from this group that have been found to be the most effective ones are:
Rhodiola Rosea – responsible for concentration and memory improvement and boosting.Ashwagandha – discovered that its strength lies in its sedative effect on the entire body of a person, and only some parts of it, as well as in its ability to aid in the process of rebuilding of the digestive and nervous system.Eleuthero Root (also known as the Siberian Ginseng) – used for quite some time actively and, as a traditional remedy it has been employed in stimulating, boosting and providing nourishment for the adrenal glands. Another highly significant fact is that this herb boosts mental awareness.

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