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Bipolar disorder, as well as many otherconditions connected with the mind, is very hard to be correctlydiagnosed, let alone treated. It takes a significant amount of the timefor one to establish a successful therapy and even more time to betreated. This all costs money since health care, when it comes tothis and similar conditions, knows to be quite expensive. However,numerous people sought and found a solution in alternative medicineas well as nature itself. These two contain all necessary fortreating bipolar disorder meaning that with trying both natural dietsupplements and all the benefits alternative medicine has to offerone is sure to cure him or herself from this unpleasant condition.

Facts and Characteristics of PossibleCures

First of all, one needs to know that,in order for something to become an accepted diet supplement, itneeds to have certain qualities. Namely, it has to possess vitamins,minerals, amino acids, increase tissue or enzymes in our body andsimilar. It also needs to be a plant or a substance our body canbenefit from in terms of previously mentioned qualities. Bear in mindthat a supplement can have combinations of the above mentionedelements, or it can have just one or some of them.

When it comes to possible supplementscapable of dealing with the bipolar disorder, 5-HTP is one of them.Namely, this substance is naturally produced in one's brain in orderto alter his or her mood. Thus, all this substance does is providinga natural calming effect, relaxing a person, making him or her lessprone to the condition this text is about. However, it alone is notsufficient for a successful treatment.

Additional supplement we all produce inour bodies is DHEA. This one also works as an antidepressant and isalso claimed to slow down the aging process within us. It is said tobe excellent when fighting depression with AIDS patients as well asthose suffering from Addison's. Although it has proven effective insome situations, being a hormone, it is a dangerous substance andshould be taken with extra care and proper informing and medicalconsulting beforehand.

Additional Natural Supplements

Omega3 acids are no secret to many.Found in fish oil, or fish itself, this element is known to boostone's immunity and defend one from cancer. However, researches haveshown that it is a recommended substance for fighting bipolardisorder.

St. John's wort is an excellent herb,with many positive influences on one's mood and overall well-being.However, it should not be combined with Prozac or similarantidepressants, since it may cause manic attacks and otherside-effects.

To conclude, this is still the leastresearched area of medicine. Thus, all the benefits may beambivalent. It is important for one to get well informed and use thebest of it in order to benefit and avoid any possible drawbacks orside-effects.

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