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All problems related to the growth of nails are commonly associated with malnutrition and improper care of the nails. The appearance and the growth of nails is directly affected by certain essential nutrients such as protein, vitamin C, vitamin B, fat, calcium and iron. Excessive exposure to harmful chemical substances can also be the cause of deformities, improper growth and unattractive appearance.

Chronic problems with nails may be affiliated with a number of different factors that can be the cause of deformities and sometimes even infections. Certain cases can only be treated surgically. Nails seem as they are not organic and have no particular function but still they actually do have a very important protective function.

The most common ailment that can affect the nails is a condition called ingrown nail. The condition usually affects the big toe on the foot and in certain cases it can be a very painful experience. It can be characterized by the nails that dig painful inside the surrounding flesh. The common causes of ingrown nails may or may not include trauma, improper trimming and perhaps ill-fitting shoes. Nails should always be trimmed straight across instead of trying to make a rounded shape.

Shoes must always be well-fitted so that they leave enough space for the toenails to breathe. It is at times very hard to maintain healthy nails that do not split and break. In order to keep the nails happy one must have a well balanced diet which contains minerals, essential fatty acids, vitamin B, vitamin A, and calcium in abundance.

Herbal Remedies

Horsetail is one of the herbal remedies that can be used very efficiently in order to maintain good overall health of the nails. Horsetail is very rich in silicon which is of great help when it comes to strengthening of the nails.

Its stems can be purchased in a dry form and they can be used to make a tea. Some may dislike its taste, so it can be consumed with a slight touch of honey.

A soak can also be made from horsetail. Stems need to be chopped and mixed with boiled water and honey. The solution should be applied topically with a cotton swab. Another herbal remedy that can be very beneficial is flaxseed.

It is abundant in essential fatty acids which are very efficient in moisturizing the nails and preventing them from cracking or splitting. It should be noted that patients who suffer from intestinal problems should not ingest flaxseed in its raw form. Evening primrose oil can also be used for the same purposes as flaxseed.

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