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Information on Nail Problems

Most problems a person experiences with the health of nails can be solved by using vitamins and herbal supplements. Nails are actually a good indication of one’s overall health condition. Healthy nails can be recognized by a pink color which comes from the blood vessels located below the nails. Nails can tell a lot about one’s health and they may indicate certain serious medical conditions.

Nails that are characterized as pale, spoon shaped and brittle with ridges down the length are usually a good indication of iron deficiency, zinc deficiency, calcium deficiency and increased amounts of selenium in the human body. If a person experiences a slow nail growth it is a good indication of general malnourishment.

Brittle nails indicate that a person suffers from biotin deficiency. Fungal overgrowth on the nail usually can be recognized by distortion and thickness of the nails. White spots on the nails may be a good indication that person suffers from a certain type of mineral or vitamin deficiency and in most cases it is actually zinc deficiency.

Thyroid gland problems can be recognized by symptoms such as brittle hair, always feeling cold, dry skin and brittle nails which are very easy to separate from the nail beds. Sometimes a white hue present at the base of a fingernail indicates certain liver troubles. If a nail is blush it means that a person suffers from oxygen deficiency.

Tips and Remedies

It is very important that a person works on improving general health. The first thing that needs to be done is to get rid of all as much toxic substances in the body as possible. These substances get accumulated in the system and cause numerous diseases which affect the immune system, blood circulation, digestive tract, liver and the hormones.

A good way to start is to take mineral and vitamin supplements. Vitamin A improves the growth of nails and repairs the nail beds. Vitamin B2 is essential in the formation of the nails. Vitamin C is good in preventing the nails in becoming deformed and boosting the overall health. Biotin and calcium are very important when it comes to strengthening of the nails.

Iodine and iron improve the overall quality of the nails. Magnesium and zinc are beneficial in maintaining the health of the nails. Omega oils can also be of great help. Other herbal remedies include acidophilus, aloe vera, garlic, gingko biloba and milk thistle. It is recommended to include salmon, seaweed, mackerel, eggs, sardines, chicken, fresh fruit and leafy vegetables in the daily diet. One should avoid animal fats, processed foods, alcohol, drugs, caffeine, and tobacco products.

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