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Meal replacements on the market are revolutionary products that are meant to build muscle and reduce fat in the body. Meal replacements are used by bodybuilders, people who want to lose weight and overworked people with no time to eat. More to it, meal replacements are not diet shakes because unlike diet shakes, meal replacements have very little simple sugars. Simple sugars assimilate into the blood stream quickly, and cause a suitable surge in insulin levels. Extra secretion of insulin makes a effect of gaining, so called spillovers, that is responsible for fat making. Sugar builds body fat levels, also as a high fat food, which makes ugly layers of fat and unshaped body. In case of meal replacements, it is maltodextrin that is primary carbohydrate source. Derivative based in wheat is complex in nature and effect on blood stream over a certain time period and that way stabilize insulin secretions. That way the potential excess of fat deposits minimally.

The products have a lot of protein, little fat and not too much carbohydrates. It is basically food with lots of vitamins and minerals. The food has a maximal of nutrients and prevents fat storage in the body. Powders contain 250-300 calories, 35-45 gm of protein, 20-25 gm of carbohydrates, and 2-4 gm of fat, and have 50-100% of the RDA of the major vitamins and minerals needed for body. A protein source includes whey, sodium caseinate, calcium caseinate, egg albumin, milk protein isolates, derived from milk and eggs, while carbohydrate are made of sucrose, maltodextrin, corn syrup solids etc. The fat is in the form of not entirely hydrogenated oils of canola and coconut.

The meal replace products that are made out of protein from the best quality whey and egg. It is known that whey and egg proteins are best absorbed in the body. With athletes, an easy absorbed protein is having an important function in tissue growth and muscle build. These products are proper balanced nutritional meals, and are not a substitute for natural foods. These meals are used with a specific diet, and are a complete nutrition food. Overuse of such products can make a deficiency in vital nutrients and unequal dietary rates in the body. The combination of meal replacements and natural food fills nutritional requirements of the body, giving that way an optimal amount of nutrients.

Diet that goes with meal replacement requires frequent snacks every two to three hours, with optimal nutrition intake. That improves metabolic function and balances blood sugar level, and also stabilizes hormonal processes. It suppresses hunger and cuts down the desire for unwanted foods saturated with fat. The meal replacements are easy to use, without complicated procedure of preparing and not requiring too much effort. Meal replacements do not build muscles. They do not provide a steroid effect, and do not transform body fat to muscle tissue. The desired muscular development can be achieved with intense training only. This will help muscle building process as the combination with training. Meal replacements are just the additional help.

Meal replacements are packaged in powder, to be mixed with water in the shake and ready to drink.

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