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Protein shakes are not just for body builders as it is believed. Protein shakes can improve strength and reshape body and that is not only to gain muscles. A protein shake has sugar and protein in, and it is to be taken after workouts to ease damage to muscles due to a hard workout. Proteins are needed to repair damaged done to body during the extreme work out because protein is a muscle tissue builder.

Without protein after workouts muscle tissue can not be repaired and instead of getting stronger body gets weaker. While protein is material builder of the body carbohydrates joints all this together. And carbs are needed to put together muscles. Body is after hard work low with nutrients, and carbohydrates. And carbs are located in the muscle tissues in blood and liver and after hard work the stored carbs get are worn out.

If the body does not get proteins after working hard it starts to break down muscle tissue without mercy. A whey protein and simple sugar in the shake will absorb and digest very fast in the body and that is why it is better to intake whey protein and simple sugar shake after workouts. A quick absorption allows nutrients to recover body. This is especially used by body builders who want to get rid of fats in body and want to lose weight at the same time.

A whey protein shakes is the answer for women too, because whey protein contains soy protein and it helps women get rid of cellulite. And if whey protein aids in managing weight then a whey protein shakes for weight loss in women are pretty useful. There are many women who have enjoyed their weight loss process with these protein shakes for women to lose weight. And there are some protein shakes made just for women.

Gaining Weight

If the gaining weight is the aim adding more protein powder is much better in that case. Also, ice milk, fruit cream and honey are useful ingredients to gain weight. Basically, gain muscles are possible with protein shake. Muscles are always useful because they are metabolically active unlike fat that is useful in the body. A properly built muscle tissue burns out calories when the body is still. Building muscles speeds the metabolism.

But just drinking protein shakes and not working out, will build muscle mass and without any exercises gained mass will end as a body fat. One protein shake after workout is just enough for people who need to loose weight but more then one is good for people who wants to gain weight.

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