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Leading a healthy life asks for much more than mere exercising. It means that certain discipline has to be followed, the one that does not allow fooling around with food or skipping training sessions. Unfortunately, some money has to be spent if we want our bodies to really look perfect. Supplements are needed for both, physical activity, and the time for rest between the training sessions.


Even though most of the supplements used today are healthy and safe, there is still a certain risk that comes with those products. That is why the safest thing to do before the use of a certain supplement is a consultation with a doctor. As for the supplements, the most popular ones are muscle mass gainers, which, if combined with fat burners, provide the effect that is astonishing. But there are some rare cases when people cannot use these products, mostly because of the allergy to some of the components. When that happens, all that is left is turning to herbs and herbal products.


There is no way to increase the muscle mass with only using herbs, but it has to be combined with a diet and regular physical activity. How do herbs help? Some of them stimulate the secretion of testosterone, which is a natural muscle mass booster. Also, supporting the stress response can increase the number of muscle cells and that is the function of adaptogenic herbs

Ginseng helps the body in a process of adaptation to physical stress. Several medical institutes have proven the positive effect that ginseng has, including heart health and increased overall energy, which is something we could all use. Saponins are substances found in safed musli, which has a structure that resembles that of the testosterone. Tribulus is another interesting herb, which is actually a type of weed, but it does help with the muscle growth and it has almost no side effects, which makes it perfect for those who want to bulk up safely. Although the latest studies could not establish the connection between this herb and testosterone levels, it is still used in high amounts. From Malaysia we have Tongkat Ali, aka longfolia jack, which many bodybuilders use in their eating schedule. It is even said that it boosts sexual energy.

Even though herbs should be safe since you cannot get anything more natural than that, it is recommended to visit a doctor, simply because some people tend to be allergic to some components in those herbs without even knowing it. Most of the allergic reactions are mild and not that serious, but in some rare cases, immediate medical intervention is needed, and that is why a consultation is needed before anything is taken.

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