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Women and Testosterone Supplements

This type of supplements aid women alleviate all the symptoms that are directly related to lack of the hormone testosterone. Even though this hormone is actually one of the most essential hormones in males, vital to general well being of a person in question, the same goes for women as well. Perhaps women do not secrete this hormone in same quantities as men, but it is extremely important for them as well, since shortage of it can have severe consequences.

Testosterone Shortage – Most Common Symptoms

The shortage of the above-mentioned hormone is, by no means, a thing that a blind eye should be turned to. One of the predominant reasons is the fact that testosterone shortage in a body is directly related to a number of heart related problems and conditions, and if heart related conditions and illnesses are a part of your family history as well, then you should be the first to keep a watchful eye on your testosterone levels. The most frequently occurring symptoms of deficiency of this hormone in women are excessive fatigue, inability to concentrate, loss of hair on your body, diminished sex drive, and thinning of the skin in all parts of the body.

Supplements Natural in Origin

These supplements present for women one of the most effective ways of dealing and warding off this problem. There exists a variety of two specific herbal supplements, which have shown the potential to boost testosterone levels significantly, and these are phytoestrogenic and non-estrogenic herbs. When it comes to effectiveness, the preferred choice should be the latter, since they have proven to be the more beneficial of the two. They have the potential and ability to initiate and improve the functioning of the glands that are responsible for producing hormones, and in this way enabling them to be more efficient.

From this group supplements that are considered as the most effective ones are those based on maca (extremely safe for those women suffering from low levels of testosterone), such as macafem which presents a 100% natural means of controlling symptoms of the menopause, and enhances the energy levels as well.

Supplements that are extremely effective, when combined with woman’s diet, are herbs St. John’s worth, as well as ginseng. Their primary function is to boost and improve blood circulation in woman’s body. Another benefit is that they have the potential to provide the body with more energy, so it could fight off excessive fatigue. Yet another herb that has proven its worth is chrysin (bioflavonoid), which has shown the immense potential to enhance testosterone production.

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