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Mass gaining

In the past times, gaining mass may have been difficult, but, today the situation is much more different. The science has advanced in recent years and has given us a variety of supplements that can speed up this process. The science has found out in which ways the human body operates and because of this, we are now able to use this knowledge to our advantage and help with our physical growth.

We will talk about gaining mass, which is, basically, the most popular idea and aspiration. For this, a person has to consume more calories than it uses and to implement nutrients that will help with the muscle gaining. All of these effects can be accomplished by using today’s popular supplements and you can be sure that supplements will make all the difference. One pill can make the results visible after a short period of time, but training and proper diet will be needed, too. These are the pillars of mass gaining and if you add supplements, you are destined for success. Remember that no pill will give results on its own. Pillars have to be placed in order to achieve the goal. We will give you several supplements that will make all the difference.


The first we will present is the power of proteins, which is the most important nutrient. Nothing else is that much important, when compared to proteins, but since food cannot give enough proteins, we have to seek other sources, which is why we advise the use of protein powders. Body needs 1.5 g of protein per pound of weight daily. They are very productive and easy to digest. Their use will aid the hormone responsible for growth and it will contribute to the repair of the muscles. But remember that food should be the main source of protein. We advise to take 50 g of whey protein after a workout and casein protein before you go to sleep. Also, use of potassium after training is a good idea. Take 500 g after training, but along with a solid meal. Incorporate also vitamin E and 500-1000 mg of vitamin C.

Other helpful supplements are zinc and magnesium, which can be found in a complex called ZMA. It helps by boosting the testosterone, while muscle strength will be aided by the magnesium. By using them both in this complex, you will grow mass very easily. Herb that helps with the production of luteinizing hormones is called tribestan. It also affects testosterone and it is a mighty tool when used in combination with ZMA. The dosage for this herb is from 750 to 2000 mg during one day, but it has to be used on three occasions, namely three meals. ZMA should have 450 mg of magnesium and 30 mg of zinc, which are supposed to be used before going to bed. These are the most effective supplements, but remember that results will not come if you do not implement hard work and proper diet.

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