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Since there are anatomical and physiological differences between man and woman, it is obvious that some supplements that help with health might be slightly different for men and women. Other than that, some basic rules for being healthy and keeping the organism in normal state are the same for both sexes.

Basic rules

It is very important to always point out the importance of regular physical activity. The main benefits physical activity induces are increased basal metabolism rate, with increased weight reduction (loss of fat tissue) and with strengthening the entire muscle system. Energy levels in the organism also become higher. As for eating, some sort of light diet must always be present; nothing too strict, because it might lead to starvation, which will deplete not only fat tissue, but muscles too. Of course, things like soda juices, candies, cakes, food rich in bad fats should be avoided as much as possible.

Also, mental health should be kept at the normal level which means that dealing with stress is very important; because stress is known as a co-factor of some conditions (some experts say that it might even have a role in induction of cancer). Regular medical checkups are very important because if some dangerous conditions are discovered in an early stage, there is still time to deal with those problems effectively.


Adding some supplements in meals is very important for humans, because it helps in preventing some medical conditions and also in relieving some symptoms. Some medical problems might emerge in menopause; experience says that black cohosh helps in that period with soothing hot flashes. As for the menstrual period, which is present once each month, motherwort can deal with the pain, if it is needed. Unfortunately, there is not one woman who can say that her periods are painless. For that particular problem, motherwort helps a lot. Another herb that helps with menopause and that might help in relieving from anxiety is blue vervain. There is also ginger, great for menstrual problems, for enhancing the blood circulation and it even boosts up the immune system a bit, so it can easily deal with flu, for example.


Even though there are herbs and similar supplements that can really help, those should not be taken lightly. Perhaps a consultation with a doctor should be done first. Also, most of the herbal products, even teas, although natural and very safe, should not be used in large quantities and for indefinite time. Moderate use should be always present.

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