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Fertility is one of the problems whose nature makes it extremely difficult to cure it fairly easy. Many people try first with the conventional medications and therapies, but in fact are unaware that natural remedies can be of more help and benefit. There is actually a number of herbs which hold in themselves the potential to boost the sperm levels, and at the same time also boost one’s libido.

Fertility Increasing Herbs for Men

False Unicorn – if experiencing impotence, this herb is the one not to be neglected and the one that males should turn to for help Panax Ginseng – this herb is already known to have the potential to improve the functioning of the immune system and strengthen it. Another potential this herb has is in providing a solution to the male impotence issues. It has been known to is increase the levels of testosterone, as well as sperm count and motility Maritime Pine Bark – antioxidant which is considered to be responsible for the great sperm size and shape Saw Palmetto – a steroid, natural in origin, has the potential to stimulate the glands producing sperm and is responsible for the building of the tissue. Another benefit is its ability to positively influence ones libido Astragalus – similar to Panax Ginseng, has the ability to increase the motility and the quantity of the sperm in an individual Tribulus – though its primary use is related to the regulation of the hormones, it is known to have a say in increasing the levels of testosterone, too.

Among the rest of the herbs which are known to positively influence and boost fertility, we find the following: alfalfa, black haw, cramp bark, cayenne, licorice, nettle, lady’s mantle, and motherwort, to name but a few of the most famous ones. Aside from afore mentioned, extremely effective in resolving all the most troubling fertility related issues are also valerian, red clover, true unicorn root, squaw vine, and white peony.

Herbs to Aid in Solving the Low Sperm Count Issues

When having this particular aspect of infertility in mind, there are fortunately numerous herbs that can be employed in solving this particular problem. The group consists of the following – Kokilaksha, Gokshura, Mosaic Gold, Vanya Kahu, Kapickachchu. Maca, Peru’s renowned herb for curing male infertility, is considered to be probably the best and the most effective one when it comes to treating infertility. This herb nourishes the glands essential for the production of hormones, and, what makes it more wondrous is that it can aid both men and women experiencing infertility issues by boosting the production of the natural hormone, responsible for the increase of fertility.

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