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Weight gain is one of the three things that each and every bodybuilder or just a recreational bodybuilding practitioner want from exercising, while other two things are fat elimination and muscle definition. All the three things can be achieved with exercising only, but not as fast as it can be done with the use of some sort of supplements. Supplements will also help with reaching the limit in muscle mass, mass that would not be reachable with exercising only.


When it comes to supplements, the first thing that comes to our mind are muscle weight gainers (usually containing creatine). Following gainers, there are fat burners, testosterone boosters, prehormones, energy sources, etc. Most of these products are safe for use, although it is always a good thing to consult a doctor to establish if there might be some problem with using those supplements. Good alternative would be to use herbal products, although many do not know much about the options that the herbs offer. Still, using herbs for weight gain might be the healthiest solution.


There are several herb products that might help with the problem of weight insufficiency and those products are not just for those who have problem with low weight, but also for those who need increased muscle mass. Gentian is one of them, and its main characteristics include enhancing the secretion process in stomach, also, enabling the functions of intestinal enzymes, and what might be most important, it stimulates appetite. Dandelion root is another herb that increases appetite, but, it also has some other, medical benefits. It can deal with dyspepsia, constipation and other intestinal issues. Ginger is also an interesting herb, its rhizome has gingerols and shogaols and some other substances that increase the appetite and also treat several problems related to the gastrointestinal tract.

It looks like most of the herbs do not increase weight directly but rather indirectly, via increasing the appetite, which means that the intake of food will decide how mass is increased, weather with fat or with muscles. The intake of proteins and hard exercises will definitely increase mass, but it is also important not to eliminate carbohydrates from meals simply because they are important energy source and certain organs can use only carbs; the brain would be a perfect example of that. While increasing the appetite is a good method for increasing weight, for bulking up it is necessary to take some products that contain substances that directly stimulate growth of the muscle cells. For example, creatine increases the volume of the intracellular space in muscle fibers.

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